Your Board of Directors invites you to join one or more of our neighborhood committees.  Committees are a great way to get involved, especially if you are limited on the time you have to volunteer but would like to contribute.

For more information on any of the committees please contact your board by emailing or attend the next posted meeting and let them know you’re interested!

Architectural Review Committee (Architectural Review Board)
This committee consists of members (fellow homeowners) who work to review each submitted request for modification to the existing external structure and visual elements of a lot. This committee ensures each request follows the spirit of the governing documents and ensures uniformity and improvement upon each lot.

Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is a program of mutual assistance among neighbors aimed at reducing crime in a community at the grass roots level. Why Neighborhood Watch? Because safe neighborhoods are everybody’s business and Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime.

Social Committee
The Social Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the social activities of the community, such as the Annual Spring BBQ. In addition, the Committee hosts periodic gatherings such as the ladies Bunco Group and summer movie nights.

Enhancement Committee
The Enhancement Committee is responsible for our Yard of the Month, holiday decorations and additional projects that increase the property values and overall enjoyment of our community.

Standards Committee
This committee is charged with enforcing the Covenants and Restrictions that we are all bound to when we purchased our home in Waterleaf.
This committee will have the ability to levy appropriate corrective financial measures (fines) to ensure compliance from homeowners.
If you’ve gotten letters from KWPMC, our property management company, in regards to your home not being in compliance, you’ll want address the issue(s) quickly.

If you notice a home out of compliance, please feel free to anonymously submit a note, being sure to include the location of the infraction and pictures if possible. Please send submissions to

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