Waterleaf Landscape Beautification

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Waterleaf Landscape Beautification

Good Afternoon Neighbors,

As you may know, the board of directors and management team have been working to tackle the challenge of the landscaping in our community. Last year, our landscaping suffered greatly after our sod was scalped (cut too short) during routine maintenance. This scalping coupled with a mole cricket infestation, and a series of incidents involving vehicles driving on the right-of-way lead to the unsightly landscaping we have today.

At the beginning of this year, we contracted with a new management company and a new landscaping team in efforts to restore and repair the damage done. Unfortunately the landscaping team did not live up to the level of service we needed or expected and thus, we secured bids for a new team.

As you may have seen, our new landscaping company Yellowstone, who began this month, has already begun tackling our much neglected landscaping. They have worked on edging, mowing and detailing our landscaping. This week we expect them to complete the remaining ponds and common areas.

The Waterleaf Beautification Project is a sod replacement and restoration plan set to run the course of several weeks. Yellowstone has already completed two preliminary chemical treatments to treat the weeds and mole crickets over the entrance (right and left), median and amenity center area. Once the weeds and mole crickets have been addressed, the company will evaluate the remaining sod for health and begin placing sod in areas too damaged to restore.

Over the course of the next few months we expect to see the improvement in our landscaping that we’ve all been working towards.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our management office if you have any questions.

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